Have you ever been dazed and confused? Me neither…
Have you ever been low-down and abused? Me neither…
I was just sitting alone in my room, trapped amidst feelings of ennui and gloom
When from seemingly nowhere, a ray of hope pierced the sky
A convenient excuse for a convenient lie
I writhed in torment from what they did to me
So obvious now, I was too blind to see
And when I just asked for somebody to trust, all they said was get fucked

When they take everything from you and then they ask for more
When the last bomb’s been dropped and they still call out for war
When they make you dependent then force you to go without
When they add your fucking life to the list of things that they don’t care about

Pawing through the carcasses just to see what’s left
An undignified end in a messy, useless death
When everything is gone, they’ll force you to your knees
They get what they want and we’re the ones who have to bleed

I want out now


from SIMILAR ITEMS, released July 12, 2017



all rights reserved


SIMILAR ITEMS Salem, Massachusetts

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